Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting started with IndexedDB on IE

I have been playing with HTML5 for a while, and more and more I’m seeing the advantage of building applications in HTML 5. In particular applications that will run online and offline as well. One of the things we need for this is storage on the client side. For now most browsers only support WebStorage for this. The disadvantage of Webstorage is the maximum of 5mb of data and every thing is stored in KeyValue pairs, which make searching in the data harder.

Some browsers are now experimenting with the IndexedDB spec. A description of the spec can be found here. In FireFox en Chrome the IndexedDB API is all ready build-in. Not in the window.IndexedDB, but in window.mozIndexedDB for FireFox and window.webkitIndexedDB for Chrome. For internet explorer, you can use an experimental API that you can find on html5labs.

To get started with IndexedDB for Firefox and Chrome we don’t need to install something, to get started with IndexedDB for Internet explorer, we need to install the IndexedDB prototype. The files we need to install can be found here. Once the file is downloaded, we unpack the zip-file.

The first thing we need to do is run the vcredist_x86.exe which can be found in the map we just unpacked. Once that is installed, we need to install the sqlcejse40.dll:

    1. Open the command prompt as administrator
    2. Navigate with the cd command to the unpacked zip-file
    3. Run the following command:
      regsvr32.exe sqlcejse40.dll

Once we pasted these steps, we should be able to open and use the demo included in the zip-file. But beware, you need to run you Internet Explorer with administrator right, otherwise you will get the following error in the error textbox:

6 - Error 0x80040E09, minor 25039 (0x000061CF).

Now when everything is properly installed, we can start to develop. But, this will be content of a next blogpost.

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