Thursday, August 18, 2011

HTML 5 Presentation

It is already a year ago that i posted my last post. Today I’ll try to get started again, but not so much on topics about windows azure. I have found a new passion in HTML 5 web apps. From now most of my post will handle about building HTML 5.0 apps.

For starting I have made a presentation about HTML 5 for the acADDemICTs. These are our new realdolmen employees.

Hope to see you soon with more content about HTML 5.0 on this blog


  1. Nice, and thanks for sharing this info with us.
    Good Luck!
    Android App Developer

  2. ThanX alot! I wanted to learn HTML 5 but didn't knew where to begin nor did I have much confidence since I have tons of langusges already in my plate. But this one caught my attention! I hope I could finally myself in the market already even though it could be a bit early!!